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More info on No. 35 Beveridge Street

History of No. 35 Beveridge Street

A substantial granite-built property, it has a court-yard at the rear with cottages which at one time were used as stockinger’s (framework knitter) cottages. It reputedly belonged at one time to an old bell-ringer in the village. The building was later the old Co-op shop, one of Barrow’s larger shops in 1910, and Philip Graham remembers the wind-up bacon slicer used in the shop. Later it was a hairdressers for a while.



Mrs Eileen Russel ran a hairdressers in the premises from about 1965-1971. Her daughter remembers that she had an assistant called Jill.

Once this business came to an end the shop was integrated into the house and the entrance to the shop was bricked up.


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